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The power of teamwork

G'day, we're Atlassian. We empower teams to work differently, together. Unleash your team’s full potential, no matter the apps they use or the type of work they do.

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How we work

Behind every great human achievement, there is a team. 

From medicine and space travel, to disaster response and pizza deliveries, our products help teams all over the planet advance humanity through the power of software.

Our mission is to help unleash the potential of every team.

The world’s best teams work better together with Atlassian

We build software that helps every team move towards their mission, regardless of industry or size.

Our customers find cures to cancer, travel to space, build tomorrow's innovations, and beyond.



By shifting from static spreadsheets and tools to one integrated Atlassian solution, this global company is delivering more innovations and better service.


Level 6, 341 George Street,Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

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